Ice Cream Proposal Ainsley Elizabeth Hyman Ainsley Elizabeth Hyman:
Grew up in Lynbrook, NY and attended Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. Currently works as a marketing analyst in the automotive/racing industry. Hobbies include horseback riding (hunter-jumper), motorsports, snowboarding, target shooting, photography, punk rock music, website design/development and traveling.

Erik Michael JacobsErik Michael Jacobs:
Grew up in Albertson, NY and attended Columbia University in New York City, NY. Currently works as a solutions architect at a major computer software supplier. Hobbies include motorsports, developing start-up businesses, cooking, playing judo (brown belt), competitive pistol shooting, snowboarding and traveling.

How They Met:
Despite having grown up only 20 minutes apart from each other in NY on Long Island and having literally 100+ mutual friends, Ainsley and Erik actually "met" online in late 2003 when Ainsley purchased some coilovers for her car from Erik at the suggestion of a friend. (Thanks, Stan!)

The couple randomly met in person a few months later at a drifting event in Pittsburgh, PA and they immediately hit it off. At the time, Erik was living in Miami, FL and Ainsley was living in Philadelphia, PA. Erik chased Ainsley for a while but she tried to convince herself she wasn't interested.

Six months later, Ainsley moved to Los Angeles, CA to take a job in the automotive industry and Erik had moved to Atlanta, GA. Erik called her one night asking if he could stay at her apartment for an event he was driving in and they've been together ever since! (December 9, 2004)

After dating long distance for 2.5 years, Ainsley moved to Atlanta in June of 2007 and the couple bought a house to begin their relationship "together". (It also gave them a place to keep their 9 cars!)

The Proposal Story:
On August 12, 2010 Erik suggested that he and Ainsley go out to dinner, somewhere "nice enough to get dressed up" but he insisted it was nowhere in particular and there was nothing special going on. They wound up going to Bone's in Buckhead, GA. After valeting the car (which Ainsley noticed as unusual) the couple had a wonderful dinner together.

Upon leaving the restaurant, Ainsley commented on the cute white Miata that happened to be parked out front. A minute later, the valet returned with a key instead of a car. After what seemed like an eternity of confusion, Erik clued Ainsley in to the fact that the Miata was actually for her! Surprise!

The couple then drove to Morelli's Ice Cream for dessert. It was a perfect night to sit outside - a few clouds and some romantic heat lightning. When Ainsley tried to get up after they had finished eating, Erik suggested they stay a bit longer to enjoy the night.

Ainsley doesn't really remember the next bit exactly because it was such a blur but basically Erik asked "do you remember where we were when I first said 'I love you'?" She said yes, they were at Carvel. He asked where we were now and suddenly it clicked that we were again at an ice cream store...

Erik got down on one knee, pulled out a ring box, said some very lovely things and finally asked "will you love me forever?" Ainsley was so excited that she forgot to even say the word 'yes'. Just when it seemed like things couldn't get any better, Erik pulled out a second box which that turned out it was his grandmother's engagement ring! Wow!

Erik eventually clued Ainsley in on some of the details that had gone into making the night a surprise and a success. He had actually bought the car six months earlier and had been hiding it in the parking deck at his work. Many of our friends were involved in helping find (and fix) the car, too. He had even collaborated with the staff at Bone's to arrange the valet/Miata switch. A car, two rings, some incredible (but sneaky) friends AND an amazing fiancé: Ainsley is pretty much the luckiest girl ever.

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